About Us

Less time searching via the world's most powerful universal marketplace? That’s our goal.

Floky is a web and app-based platform that acts as a universal marketplace for goods and services where users can search for products and services across multiple industries to save time while searching. Floky connects you to people in one click and uses the most powerful AI software to make your chat experience as rich as it can be. 

Furthermore, Floky incorporates multiple industries and thus creating mega portal with a consistent theme. The Floky mobile app allows users to search for listings or search for listers using a unique algorithm that displays results based on user rating, distance from you and their average response time so you know who will respond instantly and who will make you wait.

The Floky app will be the first online marketplace that unifies listings from more than 18 different industries. Some of the other items we provide for free are

  • offers one-tap-chat
  • Free Customer relationship management software that allows listers to manage their sales and customers.
  • Free google style analytics so you can learn more about your buyers
  • Free bulk listing for those who want to list 10,100 or 1000 listings at a time
  • No listing fees
  • No ads
  • Gain Floky points that can be used to enhance your ads or exchanged through our retail partners in the real world.

Welcome to the next generation of the online marketplace

Welcome to Floky.